Is it Possible to Become Financially Independent Early in Life?

How to Become Financially Independent

Let's face it! Many people have a dream to be financially independent early in life. But very few succeed.

If you are serious about becoming financially independent, your first step is to decide on a life style and create a vision for success.

You must learn how to spend less money than you make - and you must learn how to wisely invest the rest. The sooner you start, the better.

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EstateGuru P2P Platform Review

EstateGuru P2P Platform Review

EstateGuru is a leading European P2P platform for short-term, property-backed loans. All loans in this market place is secured against property with a maximum Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio of 75%. EstateGuru has a long track record with 0% default rate.

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Our December P2P Watch List

P2P Watch List

We only review P2P platforms on which we make personal investments. If we aren't ready to invest, platforms end up on our watch list. The watch list includes companies with a short track record, low volumes, or low transparency, but also platforms we plan to enter in a near future.

Check out our latest watch list here:

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Mintos P2P Platform – Review 2018

Mintos P2P Platform – Review 2018

New to P2P Investments? This is what you should know about the Mintos P2P Investment Platform

1. The complexity of Mintos platform makes it less ideal for your first investments in P2P loans.

2. As you become more familiar with P2P lending in general, Mintos can prove to offer much more than other platforms. You just have to do a bit more homework – and do it well.

3. If you register through this link, you earn a bonus when you sign up:

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The Easy Way to Start P2P Lending - Review 2018

Fast Invest P2P Platform Review on

Fast Invest is a simple P2P Platform for anyone who wants to start P2P investing.

The Platform is very easy to use and not as overwhelming as Mintos can be. With investments starting as low as 1 Euro and a default guarantee that kicks in after only 3 days, it's an easy pick for beginners in the P2P market.

There are, however, several things you must be aware of!

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Viventor - Your Second-Choice P2P Platform?

Review of Viventor

Our first impression of Viventor is not all together positive.

Viventor is heavily weighted towards consumer loans in Lithuania, but loan supply does not meet demand, which has created a large secondary market where loans come with an extra cost (premium)

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NEW! Vivainvest Demotes Fast Invest

Fast Invest's secrecy about loan originators, its hush-hush about its financial status, and unclear presence in U.K. now also raise concerns by Vivainvest.

Strangely enough, Fast Invest don't seem to understand that customers can disappear quickly if there is no transparency and if they don't get the information they need.

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UK P2P Market Outperforms Bonds & Property

UK P2P lending outperforms more than 90% of funds invested in bond and direct property over the past three years, according to exclusive research from AltFi.

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What is Conscious Spending?

Conscious Spending

Conscious spending isn't about sacrifice and deprivation - it's about spending your money smarter, so that you can save more. Conscious spending means you decide what your money is worth and what you're going to spend them on. It helps you feel comfortable with your spending - and not guilty.

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P2P Lending - A Fast Growing Industry

P2P - Fast Growing Segment

P2P platforms are one of the fastest growing segments in financial services today. The simplicity and efficiency of Internet platforms attracts 1,000s of new customers each month.

If you read this, you are probably interested in becoming P2P investor/lender yourself. This website is dedicated to tell you about new trends, new platforms, and what to expect from any P2P investments.

Obviously, the first thing you should know about P2P investments is that they come with a risk. Does predicted returns outweigh the risks? In each case, that is something you must decide for yourself.

The purpose of this site is NOT to give financial advice or recommendations. We just try to point you to available options.

The more facts you have, the easier it is to make wise decisions about P2P investments.

The Problem with Traditional Banks

P2P market is the largest and most dynamic today

For decades, banks have been middlemen, taking deposits and making loans. But you have probably noticed that bigger banks don't do much banking these days. They aren't interested in your deposits, at least not if you don't do any other bank businesses. In fact, many banks claim they lose money on your deposits. This makes it hard for banks to give you a decent return on your savings.

Banks don’t do much profit by collecting interest on small business loans either. When making less and less profits from lending, the lending market moves from the large banks to private equity firms and other asset managers. This is why the P2P lending market has exploded in the last decade.

By giving investors a large share of the return from smaller consumer and business loans, cutting or eliminating the investor fees, and simplifying the process of investing small sums in many different loans through internet platforms this market is rapidly attracting new investors.

This is, of course, not without problems.

P2P lenders charge more for their services, basically profiting from consumers and businesses that cannot secure loans from regular banks. Higher costs for customers increase the risk of bad debts.

Lack of oversight of the P2P lending market leaves society in the dark over overall debt and what risks exist. There is also the potential for outright fraud.

While banks are uniquely equipped to do banking and are well regulated, there don’t seem to be away back to the “old” system. Whether we like it or not, P2P lending is here to stay.

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