EstateGuru P2P Platform Review

Review of Estateguru P2P Platform

What is EstateGuru?

EstateGuru is a leading European P2P platform for short-term, property-backed loans. All loans in this market place is secured against property with a maximum Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio of 75%.

EstateGuru is growing more than 300% a year and the availability of loans for investors is steadily increasing (a handful of new loans each week).

Most loans are in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Spain and Finland are also listed as available countries but EstateGuru has had less success in these two countries. In the future, EstateGuru plans to launch its platform in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

How Much Can You Earn When Investing with EstateGuru P2P Platform?

Historic return is 12.35%.

In 2018, we see an average return of 10-11.5% per loan and year. The average loan term is 14.9 months.

Estateguru review 2018 example loans

What Are the Risks?

All loans are backed by an asset security. When a loan is fully invested, the borrower signs an agreement with a Security Agent to create a registered mortgage. The Security Agent is a separate limited liability company whose primary purpose is to hold securities for the benefit of investors making investments through EstateGuru P2P Platform.

You should be aware that all P2P investments comes with a risk. But so far EstateGuru has a long track record with 0% default rate.

This doesn’t mean that all borrowers have managed to pay back their loans. To date, however, investments have been recovered and no investor has lost money. Read more: EstateGuru sells the collateral of its first defaulted loan.

You should also know that there is no buy-back guarantee offered by EstateGuru and no secondary market where you can sell your investment to other investors.

You can lower your personal risk by diversifying your portfolio and fund several loans across different countries. The minimum amount for investment is €50, which means you can create a diversified portfolio with 15 loans for €750.

Together with EstateGuru’s long track record, professionalism, low LTVs, and decent terms for borrowers, we think that the risk is lower than in many other market places for real estate loans.

Referral Program

There is a generous referral program in place.

When you refer someone, you get a 0,5% bonus from all investments made by that person during the first 3 months after account activation. This bonus is triggered after an invested loan gets funded. For 3 months, EstateGuru also gives the same bonus (0,5%) to the person you referred.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

If you plan to join EstateGuru, make sure you use the referral link, so you don’t miss out on your bonus!

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Pros – What We Like

  • Great company transparency
  • Long record with 0% default rate
  • Steady flow of new projects
  • Low minimum amount for investment
  • Loan list available without creating an account
  • Generous referral program

Cons – What We Don’t Like

  • Investments tend to sit idle for long periods before loan process is completed
  • Advanced auto-invest filtering not available investments less than €250


16 900 (December 2018)
Total fundings
>€87M (December 2018)
Tallinn, Estonia
Company annual reports
Company owner info
Investing in:
Estonia (74%), Latvia (14%), Lithuania (12%), Finland (<1%), and Spain (<1%) (December 2018)
Loan originators transparency
Loan originator grading
Type of loans
Property loans, business loans
Individual borrower info
Individual borrower grading
Risk grading
Buy-back guarantee
Investment fees
Withdrawal fees
Yes (as of June 10, 2020)
SEPA Bank transfers
Yes (only option)
Primary market
Secondary market
Referral Program
Auto-invest tool

Rated by P2P Investments:

Ease of website functions
Very good
Ease of sign-up process
Very good
Ease of money transfers
Very good
Loan availability

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Note: links to EstateGuru are referral links. Read about the referral program above.

Update June, 2020:

As of 10th of June 2020, Estateguru implement a service fee of one euro to cover substantial investments, improvements made into the platform and increased operational costs. The fee is calculated and charged every time money is withdrawn from the virtual account.