More Macedonia P2P Consumer Loans on Mintos Platform

Macedonia P2P Consumer Loans on Mintos

Invest in FYR of Macedonia P2P Consumer Loans

IuteCredit Group expands its consumer loans on the Mintos platform. In addition to investments in Albania, Moldova, and Kosovo, you can now invest in personal loans in FYR of Macedonia.

Unemployment Rate in Macedonia has averaged 31.04% the last 25 years. It reached an all-time high of 38.70% in the first quarter of 2005 and a record low of 21.10% in the second quarter of 2018.

National debt is around 41%.

FYR of Macedonia facts

Quick Facts about IuteCredit

Founded: 2008
Employees: 118
Joined Mintos: Jun 2017
Loan Type: Personal Loan / Short-Term Loan
Country: Albania, Moldova, Kosovo, and FYR of Macedonia
Currency: EUR
Effective APR charged to borrowers: 30%-400%
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 14 650 343
Mintos Rating: B+

IuteCredit has a 10-Year Track Record

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IuteCredit Group is a leading consumer lender in the Balkans with 10 years track record. As of September 2018, the Group has a net loan portfolio of EUR 37 million. Its net loan portfolio in FYR of Macedonia is EUR 1.8 million. IuteCredit Group has been profitable since 2010.

The average FYR of Macedonia-issued loan on Mintos by IuteCredit has an expected return for investors up to 11%.

The company releases quarterly reports to its investors personally. Those reports are not available through IuteCredit’s website.

IuteCredit keeps 10% of each loan placed on Mintos on its balance sheet (known as “Skin in the Game”). All Macedonia P2P consumer loans come with a buyback guarantee. IuteCredit FYR of Macedonia buys back delinquent loans. As a backup, IuteCredit Europe provides a corporate guarantee securing the loan buyback obligation by IuteCredit FYR of Macedonia.

IuteCredit operations are regulated by the Ministry of Finance of FYR of Macedonia.

If you use the Mintos auto-invest tool and want to invest in IuteCredit loans from FYR of Macedonia, be sure to adjust your settings accordingly.

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