P2P Investments – Current Portfolio – First Quarter 2020

Portfolio - 1st Quarter 2020

“Current Portfolio” Replaces the Old Watch List

We have retired the “Watch List” and replaced it with a quarterly portfolio overview.

Our current portfolio shows where we make active investments and where we have (for different reasons) stopped making investments.

Our ambition is to build a combined portfolio with low to moderate risk and an acceptable return. In 2020, we will steer away from the high-risk segment including some crowdfunding platforms.

Active investments at P2P Investments

Active Investments

These are the platforms on which we are currently active. We are adding more funds to Viainvest and Mintos platforms and cutting down on the Peerberry platform.

We are also keeping an eye on the Corona virus outbreak, which may hurt businesses worldwide and eventually make it harder for startup businesses and crowdfunding platforms. We are currently neutral to Estateguru, even if we see more borrowers having difficulties to keep up with their payment schedules.

Type:Real Estate/Business
Country:Estonia (61%), Lithuania (19%), Latvia (15%)
First investment:November 2018
Current balance:€10,400
Buyback Guarantee:Yes

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Current strategy:

Type:Business Loans
First investment:December 2018
Current balance:€550
Buyback Guarantee:No
Current strategy:

Type:Consumer Loans/Short Term
Country:Latvia (99%)
Loan originators:viasms.lv
First investment:January 2019
Current balance:€13,300
Buyback Guarantee:Yes

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Current strategy:

Type:Consumer Loans
Country:Poland (87%), Czech Republic (12%)
Loan originators:niewielkapozyczka.pl, pozyczkaplus.pl, martpozyczka.pl, soscredit.cz
First investment:February 2019
Current balance:€8,600
Buyback Guarantee:Yes
Current strategy:

Type:Personal Loans
Loan originators:ID Finance
First investment this year:February 2020
Current balance:€2,000
Buyback Guarantee:Yes
Current strategy:

Passive investments at P2P Investments

Passive Investments

These are platforms from which we are withdrawing our funds and plan to leave during 2020. Mainly because of the high risks.

Country:Not specified (100%)
First investment:August 2019
Current balance:€600
Buyback Guarantee:Yes
Current strategy:

Type:Business / Real Estate
Country:Latvia (80%), Estonia (10%), Not specified (10%)
First investment:October 2019
Current balance:€500
Buyback Guarantee:Yes
Current strategy:

Closed investments at P2P Investments

Closed Investments

These are platforms on which we have previously invested and withdrawn all funds.

First investment:November 2018
Current balance:
Return:Loss €1,800

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First investment:November 2018
Current balance:
Return (annual basis):9.04%

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Iuvo-Group logo
First investment:December 2018
Current balance:
Return (annual basis):5.32%

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viventor logo
First investment:Oktober 2018
Current balance:
Return (annual basis):

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Update March 2, 2020.