P2P Investments Watch List

Platforms on which We Made New Investments

Green means go

A new crowdfunding company from Estonia with the ambition to be a serious competitor to Envestio. High yields in the area of 17 – 19%. Only six projects released so far, but you should keep an eye on this newcomer. It may pay off to get in the game early.

We started our investments in September and will be back for a full review. (Sign up here for a bonus)

P2P platform that started in November 2017 with loans provided by Aventus Group that has a 10-year track record on the lending market. Today, you can invest in loans from Czech Republic, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

We made our first investments in February 2019.

So far, we think this is a good platform for your first P2P investments. There are, however, small glitches in the software with delayed loading of statements and other information.

A full review is found here: PeerBerry Review.

Latvia based profitable P2P platform with lenders from Sweden, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, and Spain. Available loans are heavily focused on Latvia. First investments have been made in January 2019 and we plan to publish a full review in September or October. (Note: if you plan to invest, be sure to look at the special tax rules for investments in Czech Republic and Spain.)

Platforms in Which We Aren’t Fully Confident

Yellow means caution

Latvia-based platform with good track record, solid finances, and almost 18,000 investors. Offers loans in Russia (about 40%), Latvia (about 30%), Poland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. 90% of their loans are short-term loans.

Our first portfolio includes only short-term loans from Russia, Latvia, and Poland. So far, most of our funds have been sitting idle on the account.

The low flow of new loans makes this platform less interesting. Since August, we have put all new investments on hold.

Founded in 2016, Iuvo-Group is still new and yet a lot to prove. Heavily oriented towards loans offered by Bulgarian EasyCredit. We put our investments on hold in March 2019 and have since then withdrawn all funds.

[ Review ]

Irish market place for small or medium sized business loans. Robust credit checking process. Transparent. Volumes are, however, very low. The typical loan runs for 36 months, which is often too long for small investors. After our first projects, we’ve put new investments on hold and don’t plan any new investments at this point.

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Latvia-based P2P investment platform, real estate loans as well as other loans. Very low volumes. Most of the time, we didn’t find any available short-term loans at all.

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P2P Platforms In Which We Don’t Invest

Red means stop

Market leading French company offering SME loans. Recent name change from Lendix and low returns (2.5% – 5%) are major reasons for our team members not to invest at this moment. No review.
Bondora is a P2P lending marketplace offering investments in consumers loans from Estonia, Finland and Spain. 10-year track record. Automated tools for investments that are different than many other sites. No buyback guarantees and high number of defaulted loans make this P2P market less ideal. We have not invested in this platform.
Crowdestate is an Estonian real estate crowdfunding marketplace. It includes a few SME loans as well. Sign-up process became a wet blanket and killed all interest in this platform.
While initially impressed with the simplicity of the Fast Invest Platform, we stopped investing in December 2018 and left the platform first week in April 2019 and have since then withdrawn all funds. Lack of company transparency, concealment of loan originators, and evading answers from support are major reasons for not investing with Fast Invest. Trust is everything when you invest in P2P platforms, even the smallest suspicion that everything isn’t right should make you stay away.

[ Read Why We Don’t Invest with Fast Invest ]

What is P2P Investments Watch List?

P2P platforms are one of the fastest growing segments in financial services today. Like any other lucrative business, it will attract opportunists.

The team behind P2P-investments.org try to evaluate and review the most common and most popular platforms on the European market today. The purpose is NOT to give financial advice or recommendations, but to share our experiences and findings.

Even when our own investments are at stake or referral programs are in place, we stay unbiased and try to express our honest opinions.

All opinions expressed by P2P Investments on this website are strictly the views of our team.

Some P2P Sites May Come with a Risk

We recognize that some P2P sites can come with a higher risk than others. Sites where no investments are made by the team or our freelance writers are normally not reviewed. These sites include companies with a short track record, low volumes, or low transparency. Such sites end up on our watch list.

Note: appearance on this watch list does not mean that we have decided that a site or platform is less safe for investments.

What Does Green, Yellow, or Red Signals Mean?

Green means “Go”. A site may offer good P2P investment opportunities, but we have not yet made investments or reviewed it. It may be in the pipeline for investments and/or full review in a near future.

Yellow means “Caution”. We don’t feel comfortable investing on this platform at the moment. Usually a passive entry on our watch list. We may also have postponed or stopped investments.

Read means “Stop”. We will not consider this market place for investments or we may have stopped investing and withdrawn all funds.

This Watch List was last updated on September 10, 2019.

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