Viventor P2P Investment Platform – Review 2018

Review of Viventor P2P Platform

We Have Tested the Viventor P2P Platform

Viventor is another Latvia based P2P Investment Platform. It has currently (December 2018) about 5,000 investors. More than 80% of outstanding loans are consumer loans and more than 90% of the investments are in Lithuania. The returns from consumer investments are typically within the 10-11% range.

Viventor LLC was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Riga, Latvia.

The company works with lenders in Bulgaria, Kenya, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain. Several lenders offer a buy-back guarantee, but not all of them do. So, read carefully before you invest.

No Preview of Active Loan List

Our first impression is not good. Before you register and verify your identity (including address), you have no preview of current active loans and possible investments. Viventor only offers a demo account, which shows a different picture than the live website.

Viventor demo account vs live account

Note the significant difference between primary and secondary market. There is a reason for this.

Limited Supply of Loans on Primary Market

The number of loans is limited on the Viventor primary market, making it harder to create diversity within your preferences or keep an active flow on your account, unless you set up auto-invest. In our test, money on the account remained idle for too long, lowering the profit.

An overwhelming part of the loans on the primary market runs for 36 months or more (December 2018). During our review, only 6 loans(!) had a term of 12 months or less.

To invest in loans with a short loan term you must use the auto-invest tool or buy loans on the secondary market where they come with an additional 1% cost.

During our review, we added 600 Euro to the auto-invest feature on the Fast Invest Platform. All funds were invested within a few hours.

We simultaneously added the same amount to Viventor’s auto-invest tool. After 24 hours none of our funds on Viventor were invested.

What Others Say

Viventor Reviews on Trustpilot

Viventor doesn’t have enough reviews on Trustpilot to draw any conclusions. Negative reviews date a few years back when the platform was new, but loan supply was a problem then – and still is.

Pros – What We Like

Cons – What We Don’t Like

  • No preview of active loans (only access to a demo account until you’ve signed up)
  • Loan supply on primary market is too low
  • Few short-term loans
  • 96% of loans on primary market are already late
  • Low company transparency


5 000 (December 2018)
Total funding
>€60M (December 2018)
Riga, Latvia
Company annual reports
Company owner information
Investing in:
Bulgaria, Kenya, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain (December 2018)
Loan originators information
Loan originator grading
Type of loans
Consumer loans (95%), Mortgage-backed loans, Business loans, and Invoice financing
Individual borrower information
Individual borrower grading
LTV for some loans
Risk grading
Buy-back guarantee
Varies by loan originator
Investment fees
Withdrawal fees
SEPA Bank transfers
Primary market
Secondary market
Referral Program
Auto-invest tool

Rated by P2P Investments:

Ease of website functions
Ease of sign-up process
Ease of money transfers
Very good
Loan availability


When entering the P2P investment market, don’t let Viventor be your only platform. If you are new to P2P investing, read our reviews of Fast Invest and Mintos too.

Review last updated December 8, 2018.

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  1. Rafael Ferreira Munhoz // July 20, 2019 at 1:37 pm //

    Maybe you should review again, just started testing this platform and 500 eur were invested instantly in loans up to 30d.

    • It is not uncommon that loans are released in bulk. But we are greatful for your input and will probably update the review at the end of the year.

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