Wisefund to the P2P Graveyard


Wisefund surpassed to the P2P Graveyard

Wisefund became an extremely risky investment as soon as COVID-19 struck Europe and the world and was put on pressure from investors.

But many of their projects lacked necessary information for the serious investor long before that. In fact, Wisefund shared many similarities with the Envestio scam.

Today, it is clear that almost 2,000 investors have little hope of getting their investments back from Wisefund. Criminal investigation by police is ongoing. There are no updates on their website and they no longer respond to inquiries.

Which is why we are adding Wisefund to a sad list of defaulted P2P platforms.

  • Wisefund
  • Boldyield
  • Monethera
  • Envestio
  • Agrikaab
  • Kuetzal
  • FundingSecure
  • Lendy